viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Glob@s in the air

Susanna Tesconi, collaborator of In the air, has developed in Medialab-Prado´s Interactivos 09? the project Glob@s (

Glob@s is an educational experiment in which children are invited to use a DIY air monitoring device to explore their neighborhoods and urban environments for pollution.

Children are able to see pollutant levels in their current locations. The information is supplied by an interface easy to use that choose symbolic forms of pollutants and through animations represent their consequences on the environment.

The potential for work in teaching this content goes beyond the issues related to pollutants, addressing historical, geographical, demographic, economic, among others issues.
Glob@s can be a starting point for interactive, real-time and integrated through the web platform for reflection and analysis of how our actions and behavior interfere so directly in the air we breathe.