jueves, 24 de diciembre de 2009

Cambridge Mobile Urban Sensing

CamMobSens is a project of Cambridge University, where they mount sensors on pedestrians and cyclists to monitor pollution and send back the information to a website as soon as it is gathered. In the figure above taken from their web page, pollution levels are proxied by the height of the plots.

Más información aquí.

Reference sent by Susanna Tesconi.

Visualizar 09: Public data, data in public

In the air has been selected as invited project to Visualizar 09 at Medialab-Prado, workshop directed by Jose Luis de Vicente, with Ben Cerveny from Stamen, Aaron Koblin and Manuel Lima as tutors and with the support of Bestiario.

We have developed the application in two aspects:

-we have added a timeline, which allows to navigate through the data by hour, day and month.
-we have studied the archived data to find patterns of behaviour of the components, relating them to the activities of the city. We have added tags which pop up through time, allowing the user to read the stories behind the data.

We have developed as well an application for the digital facade, which consists on a changing heatmap with the location of all stations.

Collaborators of Visualizar 09: Paolo Battino y Velentina Basotti (informational architecture), Raquel Osa, Martina Fernández Ramos y Guillermo San Miguel (contents), Martín Nadal (code development), and Francisco Martín (technical assistant).