viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Common Sense, mobile air quality sensing

Common Sense is developing several prototypes of mobile air quality sensing devices, which would enable citizens to produce their own data. "We hope our project will illustrate ways in which everyday citizens can use sensing technologies to conduct citizen science and participate in the political process". Even if the project does a great effort in the design of the products, we belive that the participatory process should be designed as well in order to be able to produce certain effects.

The Common Sense team is a large multidisciplinary group around Berkley University, Nokia and University of Michigan.

City Sense: an open, urban scale sensor network testbed

The project City Sense is already 3 years old, but it is certanly one of the largest examples of a sensing distributed network. A key point of the project is their understanding of their interconnected system as an infrastructure that other projects can use independently of their air quality measurments.

It has been developed by Harvard University and BBN Technologies.