domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Measuring and visualizing indoor air quality

inAir ( is a personal tool for sensing and visualizing indoor air quality to improve awareness and understanding of indoor air quality. inAir provides historical and real-time visualizations of indoor air quality by measuring tiny hazardous airborne particles as small as 0.5 microns in size.

It is a project of Sunyoung Kim & Eric Paulos, at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon.

Info sent by Santiago Ortiz.

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Piensa Madrid 2

Yesteday we had the chance to present the project in Piensa Madrid 2, a seminar curated by Ariadna Cantís and Andrés Jaque in its second edition. It was interesting to identify the different points of view from the platforms we shared the table with: Ludotek and Traficantes de Sueños.

Urban Screens and Public Space Seminar

(Image: led action screen.

We presented the Diffuse facade at the Urban Screens and Public Space Seminar.

A great article which contextualizes our facade has been written by Gregg Smith, a Toronto-based designer and researcher interested in media and technology, and collaborator of In the air.

Back to nature

Back to nature was curated by Green Geometries Laboratory (GGlab). It took place in Valencia ( Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia) and In the air was selected as one of the projects which deal with the capacity of computing design to relate/replicate/realte to nature.

Ecopam @ PICNIC

Waag Society, FING, FutureEverything and Amsterdam Innovation Motor hosted a one-day EcoMap Lab at PICNIC, curated by Frank Kersin. We will built a shared understanding on how to map the environment (eg. energy, waste & mobility), aggregate the data and visualize it to promote behavioral change and reduce CO2 footprints. Based on international examples we developed prototypes for getting, aggregating & visualizing environmental data in effective, useable and unexpected ways.
Participated as speakers: Daniel Kaplan, FING, Usman Haque, Pachube, Drew Hemment, FutureEverything, René Post, Geluidsnet, Shane Mitchell, and us.

9ª Bienal de Vídeo y Artes Mediales

In the air was selected by Valentina Montero for the Bienal´s international curatorship. We did as well a workshop to build Santiago de Chile in the air. We will lounch the aplication soon.
In the workshop participated Chirstian Oyarzun, Ricardo Vega, Fran and others (please, write because the list was stolen!)

I Citizen Cartography International Meeting

It took place in Gijón in July, and was an incredible meeting organized and curated by Pablo de Soto of Hackitectura. It consisted on presentations and open workshop sessions. Check out the web to view the list of participants, and its great review of Beatriz Belmonte in elprincipiodeincertidumbre.

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

In the air in Continuum Electronica

Continuum Electronica´s exhibition was curated by Valentina Montero and organized by MECAD. It took place from 04/04/2009 to 10/04/2009 at L'Estruch